I’ve always loved writing and got my first big confidence boost at age 7 when I won a BBC Radio Scotland competition for a story called “Jack the Bucketman”.


Self-published work

“Follow six people for a week and feel what it’s like to live in Edinburgh today, hopes, fears, relationships, tears, drama, excitement, misery and despair. This is a tale of everyday lives that connect, sometimes just for a moment, but that moment can often be enough to make you stop and think. Your day to day path may seem to be leading you nowhere but is there a bigger picture that you’re not aware of until it just doesn’t give you a choice?”

“It’s Christmas Eve in 2016, and in Lapland, Santa and his elves are getting ready for another magical night. But Evan the Elf does something he shouldn’t and Christmas as we know it comes under serious threat. Can he put things right before all the boys and girls wake up on Christmas morning?”