**24 Unread Messages is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who supported it from the initial idea through to buying copies.**

The zine I put together with the help of some very kind people is out now. 

24 Unread Messages is a flash fiction publication featuring amazing writers from all over the world. The stories are messages they always wanted to write to someone in their life, but for whatever reason, just couldn’t.

Here’s the fantastic lineup:

  • Stephanie Hutton, Caleb Echterling, Laura Besley,
  • Amanda McLeod, Mangal Patel, Michael McGill,
  • Lee D. Thompson, Chloe Timms, Maria Carvalho,
  • Anna Sanderson, Jo Withers, December Lace,
  • S.E. Casey, Matthew Willis, Emma Cairns Watson,
  • Michael Carter, Janelle Hardacre, Joanna Dennis,
  • Lori Cramer, ML Noonan, Janice Leagra,
  • Steve Campbell and two anonymous authors.

Here’s what others are saying about it:

“Funny, tender and surreal, it was a pleasure to read these messages!” 

I was delighted to receive my copy of 24 Unread Messages. Some touching pieces and one that made the whole family laugh. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. So many great pieces!”

Received my copy last night – so far I’m loving it and I can’t wait to read the rest!”


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