Having contributed to a few different zines over the past year or so, I’ve decided to publish one of my own.

The title is ‘24 Unread Messages‘ and the theme is going to be emails that people wanted to write but never actually sent. For many of us, emails have become a normal part of life and we all get messages we don’t really want to read. What about those that could and perhaps should have been pinged into the ether, but didn’t make it for whatever reason?

Some examples might be:

  • A resignation you drafted but chickened out of sending
  • A final message to an ex-lover telling them how you really felt
  • An email to an estranged relative after finding their details online

The messages you send in can be based on real-life events or fictional, your choice. If you’d like to use a pen name or remain anonymous, that’s absolutely fine. Your details won’t be printed or used anywhere online if that’s your preference. Just let us know when you submit.

How to submit

The plan is to launch the zine in June 2019. Here are the details you’ll need:

  • Your piece should be a maximum of 250 words including the title
  • Email your submission to with ‘Submission’ as the subject line – Please paste your title and story into the body of the email rather than sending an attachment
  • Be sure to include a short bio of no more than 30 words (only if you’d like this included)
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished online or in print
  • No simultaneous submissions please
  • Send your unread message by no later than 12 noon on Friday 28th September 2018

Other important stuff

  • Unfortunately, like many new, independent zines, there will regrettably be no payment for contributors
  • All writers will retain the rights to their work
  • By submitting to 24UnreadMessages you are granting us the non-exclusive rights to publish your work in printed format. Accepted pieces will not be published online and we would kindly ask writers not to share their published work digitally while the zine is still on sale.

  • You are free to submit your work elsewhere and there is no requirement to acknowledge 24UnreadMessages as the original place of publication (although it would be nice if you did.)

  • By submitting your piece you are confirming that it’s your original work
  • All entries will be replied to but no detailed feedback will be given
  • All 24 chosen authors will receive a free copy of the zine

And that’s it. The Twitter handle is @24unreadmessage so please RT and together we’ll hopefully make a great zine to be proud of.



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